Our Story...

In June of 2022, One to Save Many started off as a social media "Pay It Forward" concept specifically for animals.  Over one hundred #VEGAINZ T-Shirts and Tanks were sent to vegans all across the world at no charge.  In return, they were asked to make a donation of any size to their favorite animal rescue, sanctuary, or charity;  the response was incredible!  People loved the shirts, but more than that, they loved giving to the animals and being a part of the movement.  

In an effort to keep this movement going, onetosavemany.com was created.  Simply purchase a product on our website and 100% of the profits from that item will go directly to charities dedicated to helping animals. Such as sanctuaries, rescues, shelters, wildlife conservation, and any other charity whose efforts benefit animal welfare.

One to Save Many customers know we only sell the highest quality products.  Our shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items are guaranteed to be the softest and coziest you will ever own.  We stock everything we sell and will get your order shipped out fast!

"One to save a few. A few to save many. Many to save the world. All starts with one."