It's All for Animal Charity

**As of 08/30/2023 we are now a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization!

Every penny of net profit on every item sold on this website goes directly to animal charities. When an item sells, we deduct company expenses from the sale price and whatever is left goes directly to charity!  

An idea of some of the things that make up our company expenses:

  • Material Costs - What it costs us to get products from our suppliers.
  • Website Fees - What our ecommerce platform charges us to use their system.
  • Credit Card / Bank Fees - Every credit card and Paypal transaction that goes through the website has a fee associated with it.  
  • Professional Fees - Many services cost money to use them.  Services such as software, accountants, Google Adwords marketing, etc.
  • Labor - Currently all of our help is volunteer and we do not charge fees for the production of shirts or processing orders.  In the event we need to hire staff to meet demand, part of the product cost will go to pay for labor.